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New creatures, new functions and new weapons. Enjoy!

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Here's what I have made so far.

  • Fixed Thurses Ice Attack, now it's look better and have a nice ice effect;
  • Fixed Muspilli Fire Attack, now the great attack have a Seeker AI;
  • Added new effect on Thurses attack (Needed RSFrostCreatures.u);
  • Removed Thurses PostBeginPlay function effects, now those effects appear when he gets energy to attack;
  • New Idle Animation for All Giants;
  • Now Jotuns Throw Rocks;
  • Added sounds on Thurses and Muspilli attacks;
  • Fire function was removed from Muspilli, because that unnecessary!
  • New Fire Sword made for Muspilli Warrior;
  • New "Frost" weapons for Frost Creatures.

Others things was made, but I'll show later.


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