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Here's just some information about what I have done so far...

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Here's my update of the week.

  • Added a "Summon Effect" on Frost Sark Hammer Summon Function;
  • Fixed some Frost Sark Spawn Anim,
  • Fixed list of creatures that are immune against FrostBreathAttack;
  • New texture for FrostBreathAttack;
  • Added a new MechDwarf creature;
  • Fixed more Severed Limb Class and pain skin.
  • New Blood Sparks for Frost Sark and Giants;
  • Add a better effect for Sarkfy Frost Zombies;
  • Fixed Giant's DeathAnimation;

Also I'm splitting my creatures in groups, RSFrostHorde (with all frost sarks and Zombies) and RSGiants, thats contains Jotuns, Muspilli and Thurses.

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