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mmk mod team (lol) gotta impress the ppl with some more content... the coding will be done soon enough (monday afternoon or tuesday avo idk) pythonis ill download 3dsmax for you and shiwox ... we need more artwork up for them. im in brisbane atm when i get home ill download the programs you need or ill give you the ones i already have.

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Things to do next week:
Code: hp, weapon characteristics, accuracy, character weapons. (blinky123abc)
Sounds: Gauss Flayer (shiwox)
Art: weapons, characters (shiwox)
Modeling: Familiarisation (pythonis)
Animation: Familiarisation (pythonis)

everyone needs to be on face book as often as possible and shiwox, you need to be on moddb as much as possible as well. I will be on facebook and moddb always. Make sure you check the posts.

Pythonis, you can add and edit everything but not delete.
Shiwox, you can add media and downloads and edit media and downloads but you cannot delete.

Todays quote from glorious comrade Stalin (lol): “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.”

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