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More updates, extended editions and all the fun logistic stuff.

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First off happy 2015 everyone, make sure to make the best of the new year and may we be all happy and healthy! Obviously its been a while since the last update, so I am making this post to answer a few questions, as well as make some announcements.

  • Is the mod dead? No. I am still working on it.
  • Why aren't there any updates? A few reasons. For starters there has been a lot of things happening: personally and profesionally. It doesnt help that I had to study abroad. Now that I am back home permanently (for now) I can take the time to craft some interesting tidbits.
  • Why can you only work on the mod while at home? Well, here is where the fun stuff begins: when I first began making the mod, I did it on my very old PC, my ambitions were great so, aside from the maps, I also included lots of modded files. However the PC was very slow, so I eventually moved the mapping part to my laptop, however due to the large number of modded files, I can only compile the map on my original PC. Things became rather complicated when my father moved the PC to his workpalce to help his work. I can still visit at any time, however in order to make the scripting work, I need to be able to compile the map quickly. So I can only do scripting on that PC. Fun right?
  • So when are we getting the Operation Cinema: Shipka map? I am hoping to have it finished, if not by the end of the year, then in early 2016. It depends a lot on my schedule. There is a teaser trailer in the works, so watch out for that.
  • The Shipka map wont be another demo right? It will be a full level.
  • Will you continue working on the other levels? By hook or crook I am finishing the Shipka level, I've worked for so long at it, that it will be a waste to abandom it. Unfortunately the scheduling is rather hard, so it is likely that it may be the last level I release for at least a while. Will it be the last one? Never say never. And I would like, if possible to finish the level where you play as an arab.
  • What about the older maps? Funny you should mention that, because I am planning to release (possibly this summer) an extended version of the original Operation Cinema: Ruse map.
  • What will be different about the extended version? More buildings, more objectives, easter eggs and possibly some general imrpovements in the background.
  • Anything else? Enjoy the hollidays :)

great to get an update! good luck

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Nice, may the force be with you ! We wait and watch you :)

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