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I created Elements of War years ago and worked on it for a long time now. However, other companies are wanting to use the "Elements of War" name... Where do I stand? Who has the most rights to "Elements of War"?

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So, Elements of War is something I've been working on for quite a long time now. It probably started as a Half-Life modification. Later moving to Unreal Tournament 2003, 2004. Half-Life 2 and Source. With a brief touch in UT3/UDK. I also worked on Elements of War: 1337 Board. This is a little different. It's just a hotkeys menu(OVER 9,000!) and xConfigZ.cfg(OVER 9,000!). For countless video games. id, Valve, and beyond. The issue arises as another gaming/company desires to use the name.
For example:
UDK Game/Mod
Probably many other things... Those are being sold for cash, while my stuff remains free. Looking over my software, I might have a slight chance of selling "Elements of War: 1337 Board". Where do I stand at? Who's got the rights to "Elements of War"?

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