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Ahoy, everyone!

For those of you who are new to Gimbal Cop: hello! We are excited to say that we are close to finishing up the game, although we are staying patient and aiming to release a finished, polished product rather than something that will need lots of fixes after release. Don't you hate it when games are released that way? *thinks about the lengthy updates needed to play AC3* Ugh.

Anyway, Gimbal Cop has come a long way since we posted those Alpha images: oh, yes it has! We are soooo close to sharing newer content, but we have some more things to do first, like working some more on the awesome AI we're promising you.

As we work on Gimbal Cop, we're also working on contract stuff, which slows things down a mere tad, but also allows us to feed ourselves AND stay in business. We'd rather take in the extra income than rush out a crappy, unpolished game.

We're here on the DB to become more available and accessible as a team, so if you like what you see here - awesome! If you want to know more - please contact us! We have a forum here, and everything!

Stay tuned for more updates. We'll be linking you to all sorts of Gimbal Cop-related stuff soon. As always, it's important to remember that our website is the most awesome for blog posts from our developers, images, video, and so on. We're here on the DB for you to find us, and get to know us better.

Have a great day surfing the DB, and let us know what you think!

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