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Some news about the development recently. Graphic card problems, code progress and new site opened.

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Hi guys!

Here is a little view about Far Crab's development:

-Recently my graphic card (a GeForce 8800 GTS) crashed. I've played the warranty since I don't have money for a new card. I'm now waiting the return of it.
Since this card crashed, I've got only another computer (laptop) with an ATI card. And ATI really sux with Hammer Editor... The 3d view doesn't work, so impossible to map correctly. Even if there is a way to fix it with a .dll, it's bad because with that, Hammer acts like there is no craphic card on the computer. So it's very slow. It's why I can't do lot of thing now (I spend lot of times to make something I could make in 5 minutes :/ ). Can't wait my Nvidia card is back.

-I've found a coder which can help me for enhancing the code. Please welcome Shepard to the team! His work is essentially into adding some new features in the code, and modifying some things.
It's really great because I'm now using the code from Raven City, a stopped mod from Highlander, code used by ArrangeMode too. There is lot of new features in, like new bsp and model renderers, particle system, Opposing force and Half-Life 2 ennemies... I will make a new about all this.

-I'm now looking about some mappers. I think I really need help for levels so the mod will be finished faster. Mappers should create some parts of levels which I will include in my maps after. Of course they will be in the credits as the dev team. Please PM me if interested. Thanks.

-Finally, the new website is open now. Still French only, sorry. I will try to create a English part, and some forums.

Thanks for your support,


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