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A list of features and map that will be release in the full game of Cookie Apocalypse.

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Here is a list of the features and maps we intend to have in the full copy of the game. If you didnt like the beta, i fully invite you to play the full game. It will be completely different from the beta, but in a good way. It will be a professional level game by time of release with multiple maps. So here is the list of what i came up with by talking with the team on skype.


Gore Effect,
Destructible Environment
Multi-Piece Dead Bodies
More Weapons (Creative Only, No Real World Weapons)
Vehicles (Car, Apache, Raptor)
Ranking System
Advanced Scoring System
Day and Night Cycle
Self Destruct Animation Ending
Start Up Animation
Voice Acting - One Liners
More Enemies (Burnt Fire Shooting Cookie, Wad of Cookie Dough to Slow you Down)
Easter Egg (Deserted Island made into shape)
Animation Attack (Ex: push cookie over edge on Panama Canal)

Here is a list of the maps we intend to have in the full game:

AirCraft Carrier
Deserted Island
Space Station - Zero G
Bridge (Middle of Jungle)
Panama Canal
Mountain Area (Goal to reach top of mountain for Rescue)

So expect this in a few months, we will not have any more updates to the beta so we can work on this with our time. If you didn't like the beta, I have to agree we released it in a premature state. If you didn't like it I truly wish that you will give us a second chance and play the full game. You wont regret it.

The Horde Game Studios Team

P.S. The team is sort of addicted to Minecraft right now and so am I, so yeah ..... there WILL be some delays.

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