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Information, potential alpha release, and what to expect!

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So, this is my 2nd map (well...1000th if you count my many previous failed attempts at making this map/a death-star based map) and is featuring the Battle of Jakku from SWBF:EA

As of right now we have for the imperials:

  • 4 ATATs
  • 4 ATSTs
  • 2 Speederbikes
  • (planned) TIE Fighters
  • Future Classes planned

And for the Rebellion we have:

  • 4 Airspeeders (still named Snowspeeders...oh the irony...)
  • 2 Speederbikes
  • 4 X-Wings
  • 2 A-Wings

Hopefully I can get an Early Alpha released out this week, however the sound files havent been treating me nicely so thats something to deal with.

P.S: Please, do not insult my logo for the horrible editing that it is :D

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