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more of less a briefing on what needs to be done, and what is already done...

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Sorry for the absence of late. I just havn't been able to work on this.
Instead ive been doing other things trying to put this out of my mind so i can come back to it refreshed and ready to hammer it home. The problem is i still cant motivate myself enough to work on it...
So ive started something else. Its still related, and will be released on this page just like the mod will be. but its a story, in comic form, that shows how war began between SG and BSG. Itll follow on from the video i posted with Prometheus being destroyed.
but thats not the point of this particular news, ill explain it more as we finish off part 1.

The point of this news is to show whats been done, and what needs to be done.
So far ive...
Updated the stargate models with those form V1.1
Updated the BSG projectiles with ones i made myself
Added all the SST models/textures/coding (coding not fully balanced yet)
Added some of the B5 models /textures/coding(all but the heroes - coding not balanced)
Dialed back the Millenium Falcon a bit (still needs to be dialed back again lol)
Other minor things i cant remember...

Now up until now ive been working on this on my own. With a team of testers who suggest ideas and help me fix up mod and make it run smoother.
Im now offering a XML coding spot and a LUA coding spot to those who know how to do that. Also anyone who knows how to code GC events (i got a very basic understnading of it) and wants to help message me, also anyone else who thinks they can help either reply here or PM me.
Yes thats right, i dont want to have to do all that crap listed above on my own so im throwing it out there, looking for people who want to help me.

Now to sometihng else. These two images are just to show that B5 and SST are in as factions, and playable, but not working fully lol



I know what you mean regarding the "motivation" part, but this mod is one of a kind and i can't hardly wait to see it well polished. Congrats and good luck!

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