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What is going to be added to the mod in the next release ? Check it out !

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Now that version 2.00 has been made avaible, you may want to know what is comming next. Well, here is your answer :

1. Improvements to act 2
Act 2 will be improved. Some bugs will be fixed, and some new content will be added. Some maps will have more variations than they have now, mostly caves for now. The goal is to make this act different each time you play, as it is for act 1. Maps variations will be added slowely in each update, and only when it's totally finished, I will work on act 3.

2. Act 2 superuniques monsters will drop theirs souls
Currently, they do not, but they will in the next release. Yes, that mean news unique items ! Unique items are always something really apreciated by players, and the mod currently only have the soul system to get them. While this version will not see the introduction of unique items you can drop, this is still something that will come soon.

3. Unique items and runewords will be adjusted
Some properties of theses items aren't really how I want them to do, making some of them too strong, or not enought. While properties of theses items will not change, I will change some numbers. Any items you had before this update will not be altered, but any item you drop or make after this update wil have the new stats.

4. Item system will be redesigned
The way you can equip items in the mod is going to be modified. Instead of being bound to the items that need the path you have choosed, you will be able to equip every items that are at the level (or lower) of the level of your path. Every path skills will improve a new stat called 'Gear level', and that's the gear level that will determine wich items you can equip or not. That mean for exemple that a Sorceress with 5 points in the Offensive magic path skill will be able to use ANY item with requires a gear level of 5 or below, including bows, heavy armors, swords, etc... This have been done in order to give the player more freedom and open more builds. Also, walk/run speed have been increased, and weapons and armors will show additionnal bonuses/malus : weapons will show the bonus to damage they got from strength and dexterity, and armors will show the malus to the player move/attack speeds they involve.

Gear-level Weapons bonus
Armors malus

5. Introduction of a new monster rank : Elite
While veteran monsters are a stronger version of normal monsters, elite monsters will be a stronger version of... champions and rare monsters ! Beware, they will be deadly and challenging ! Well, champions and rare monsters will be tonned down a bit, but elite monsters will be more difficult than what champions and rares monsters are now.

6. Players will be able to find set items
Yes, you readed it right ! Set items will be implemented in this update ! There will be generic sets that are designed to be used by every class, and some class specific sets. While generic sets will have some general bonuses, class specific ones will give bonus to some skills or even to a whole mastery. There will be 27 sets avaible, designed for players of level 10 to 30. Will you complete thems all ? Check the following pictures to see some of thems.

Set items Set items
Set items

That is all. I cannot give you an release date yet, but you can always check the topic on The Phrozen Keep to see the complete changelog, what has been done and what still need to.

I hope you will like theses changes !

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