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Some news about what we have planned for Stolen, and a couple of questions for the viewers.

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As I sit here at 2:09 A.M. thinking "what the hell am I still doing up?" I thought it would be nice to inform you of a couple of key things coming up very soon.

First off, I'd like to say that production of the mod is going to be stopped from July 2 through July 11th as I'll be out of town in Wisconsin. Also something I didn't bring up earlier when first releasing the mod is that I made this for the HL2 Episode 1 engine, seeing as oddly enough a lot of people don't own Half Life 2: Episode 2. :/
Second, progress is coming along as usual. We've started to implement John as your tag-along character and have been working a bit with the AI involved with that. Also, a notice, seeing as I don't have a microphone unfortunately anyone interested in doing voiceacting please contact me either through a PM or on steam. (Username: Chiefslayer)
Third, you have funkymonkey88 to thank for the banner above that's replaced my EXTREMELY cheesy microsoft paint banner that I placed up there only a day ago. Yes, it looks stretched, which is because it was the wrong dimensions. Have a problem, go f*** yourself.
Fourth, I believe we're getting to the point that alpha testing can start running, so if you're interested in testing please let me know via PM or on steam. Also, does anyone know a good free recording program? like FRAPS. I've been looking around for a good free one but everytime I always get a horrid framerate.

Finally, I'll leave you all off with this news that's a bit more focused on story.

This mod will be a trilogy like everything good in the world, it comes in threes. Obviously the first part will be the Hole, the second I believe will be the Escape, and I don't know what the third will be quite yet. To sum up the Hole's story, you'll be playing as Dr. Michael Wilks, a former scientist much like Gordon who worked at Black Mesa in one of the upper facilities. Being a good friend of Dr. Breen, you and a select few are sent to a secluded "safehaven" known as "The Hole", a refurbished tenement home located south of City 17. You, and two coworkers, John and David, have been in contact with Black Mesa East and wish to actively partake in the Rebellion, seeing as all three of their families were stolen away by the Combine and taken to unknown destinations. You wish to join the Rebellion as a chance to find out what happened to your missing family members, and learn news that the Combine are coming to arrest you and take you in for "questioning" just as many other former residents of The Hole were before they misteriously disappeared. You and your two friends have connections, and have arranged for a helicopter to come and pick you up from the roof of The Hole, to be taken to the Black Mesa East facility.

(POLL QUESTION: What do you most wish to see implemented in this mod? [huge firefights, puzzles, traps, etc.] Post your answer in the comments section below.)

I'll be trying to post one more update tomorrow with screens if I can before I leave for WI.

If I don't get a chance, have a great day and an awesome Fourth of July! (or nine days of summer for our non-american friends xD)

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