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A few notes on development focus for the next few patches, and promise that single players aren't being left in the dust!

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It's been a while since we updated our , but Resurgence has been chugging along in the meantime. We had a successful ladder reset on the server last weekend and (120+ peak time)

Most changes over the past few months have been focused around balancing online play, where it takes only a few days for the majority of players to get up and running with characters comfortably farming the easier Hell zones. There's quite a few people playing single player, enjoying the casual Diablo II solo experience throughout Normal and Nightmare, that probably feel the game is currently rather unbalanced. Trying to fix this issue is a big priority for the next few patches. The main development focus will be on:

  • Addressing difficulty spikes (specifically Act 5 Nightmare) and progression.
  • Addressing the large variance in power of characters in the early game. Some builds and skills steamroll content until Hell and then taper off drastically, while some builds are hopeless at leveling and shine end-game.
  • Continuing to improve and create a more intuitive crafting system.
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