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Here's a look at what we've got done so far in our latest game, "Smash Ringtail Cat: The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator"!

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Welcome to The Road to The Grand Finale Update Patch for "Smash Ringtail Cat: The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator" Here is what we've got done so far!

Idle Animations!


To improve the game's overall experience, we added a checkpoint system to ensure the right balance of challenge and difficulty!

Death Effect/Animations

To add more depth to the game, we added some death animations and effects. Whether you fall into a pit, or lose all your health, you'll always be able to get back up, and continue where you left off! Here are a couple examples:

Android and HTML5 Ports (WIP)

As of time of writing, we added an android mobile port only available on, and Game Jolt to download right now!

We'll also have an official full version coming to Google Play and Amazon Appstore, so stay tuned!

As for HTML5 ports it is currently in a Work-In-Progress state, but you can test it out on, Game Jolt, and Newgrounds!

Our Upcoming Features

There are more features coming soon, such as a Full Widescreen Upgrade for all platforms, as well as a cutscene gallery in the future!

Don't Play Around With The Glitches, Be The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator!

Smash Ringtail Cat is available to Download for FREE right now! Available on Windows, macOS, HTML5 and Android!

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