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So we've been pretty busy! (yep, too busy to update this blog even!) Lots has been happening, so I figure I'll just list it all out for you...

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So we've been pretty busy! (yep, too busy to update this blog even!) Lots has been happening, so I figure I'll just list it all out:

  • Developing some point of sale for the upcoming convention. I have a life-sized elven ranger in my living room!
  • Working hard to finish adding the magic system into the new advanced lighting engine, with some pretty awesome looking results (better than the early demo I posted earlier in the week)
  • Added a new spell, Lightning Bolt! It's more powerful than Fireball but sucks more mana to cast.
  • Almost totally reconfigured the game to be able to be played in HD widescreen mode! Looks very sexy!
  • Generating some new assets that you'll get to see later in the development cycle.
  • Started adding in some of the fantastic new sound effects being produced by Roland Shaw.
  • Added an intro sequence to introduce the teams responsible for the game.
  • Incorporated some of the new music
  • Finalised the alpha tester list.

Through all of this I've been pretty damn ill given that it's flu season where I am, so that has slowed me down much more than I'd like. However, the game is starting to look particularly beautiful if you don't mind my saying. Well, it did, until I was viciously slaughtered by this pack of minotaurs:

So what's coming next? Well, my trusty whiteboard keeps track of that for me:

  • Add some extra weapon types to the game ready for the demo
  • Finish the new trap system (waiting on some sound assets)
  • Make armour functional in the game
  • Add the slimline U.I option (for the non-old school players)
  • Finish adding the magic system into the advanced lighting engine (almost done!)
  • Add in the extra armour types (waiting on some art assets)

So my dance card is pretty full, as is some other members of the team. We're pretty excited about the upcoming convention, and also the fact that the alpha build is VERY close to being ready to send to the testers! It's just been a bit hard to polish off the last few little things that need doing, but it will happen, and hopefully the testers don't find too many problems with the build so that the demo can be delivered to you fine people as soon as possible!

One last thing: in case you didn't know about one or more of them, we're making use of all of the major social networking services to gain attention to the game. Please help support the project by visiting and, more importantly, sharing these links to all of your friends! The more people we get joining us on these services, the bigger our game launch can be!

I can't describe enough how awesome it would be to have these links shared around! And of course don't forget the official site!

Until next time!

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