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For those who are wondering if we are doing anything more other then taking up space on the ModDB database; well im here to say yes. We are currently working on a project we think we can make fun. It's not easy trying to decide what your first product should be. You have to ask yourself: what is easy, simple, interesting, and fun to make, and can we make it easy, simple, interesting, and fun for people to pick up and play.

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We spent a good year and a half coming up with ideas that we thought could and possibly would be cool. Now that we have a book just bulging with our idea's its time to pull ones that we would want to make our first game. The point of the story is that you narrow it down to the last candidates then you take them to the white board.
Another term for it is story boarding and on occasion can be a long process. Who was our winner? Well in all honesty I'd like to tell you, but the boss man doesnt think we're ready enough to unveil it at the moment. The wait wont be long however, we still need the community's support. We plan on getting a proper community site ready as soon as we can. <!--Session data--><!--Session data-->

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