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What to expect in the coming release?You can see here.

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1.Hammer tank:the perfect simulation for RA3.Video available on ModDB
2.Mad Tank:When commanded to attack it just makes out shock waves,but when deployed it turns into a heavy duty bomb.Like how it behaved in RA1,this process is not reversible.However,to deal the damage of a certain percentage of units' max health within range is not realistic.Has this unit reminded you of the happy times playing Red Alert ? Then try it.
3.Place a tesla coil anyplace you want available on the map.This 'Logic' is done with an ancient mysterious Chinese method ( XD ) .In fact,Ares has the logic that works better.But somehow we made this,MK's proudest creation.Imagine what you can do with this !
4.True bombing.We are tired of those 'Bombers' that only drop 3-5 bombs a time.In our mod when you call for a chinese carpet bomadment,our plane will drop a long line filled with bombs.Be careful!Hit the plane down before it drops its deadly bombs!

And more will shock you when the mod is released!

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