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There have been progress but it feels like I only picked up a piece of paper.

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Good news. Sprites and arts are being updated using Photoshop. I actually used the Game maker's paint editor but moving to Photoshop seemed like a good idea. Readers might find a screen shot of texts that have been photoshopped. Unfortunately they are not real ingame fonts... I wished they were, but that will take forever to work out. Any ways I will finish off main sprite updates and work on detailed mechanics of the game.


New Ideas and knee deep into thoughts

I thought of things to add into Molecule. I have added difficulties to the modes and thought of having a background music. The difficulties will give more re-play value, however I don't think background music is a must. Some people might get sick of the repeating melody or it'll just be bad.

Achievements like I've mentioned will in the game. They won't be one time unlocks they will contribute to points at end of each game/round. Problem with achievements is how to implement them. Should they be in one object that always checks them? Or could achievements be trigger sequences. Right now object that holds all the achievement checking would be good but may take up a lot of CPU... especially PC with a single core.


I'll continue my this project. If readers think I'm not very active it's because I'm on holiday and I only do this when I have spare time. Don't worry I'll get this done before end of the year (at most).


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