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Hey there,
ROR's renewed art patch is dedicated to re-shaping the old textures to how they were presented in previous trailers, wallpapers, and the E3 BFME demo. In the past I tried this with me HD ROTWK mod, but due to lack of experience in modding, failed. Now 2 years later I've decided to release my work along with enhancing the rest of the textures I wasn't able to do. You may have seen some of this work in The Horse Lords, but then I decided it would be more realistic than what EA put out and that's another boring story.
This patch is compatible with Thorongil's 1.05 and future 1.06 patch, and is to solely enhance the T3A : Online experience by providing the art we were promised. Since only about half of the goaled textures are done, I am asking you guys to wait patiently. And the Horse Lord fans, don't worry the mod is still under construction. Ideas and suggestions are welcome, Have a great day

- Rider of Rohan

My other mods
The Horse Lords (BFME 1 and 2) Aims for a realistic and lore-wise Battle for Middle Earth. Still in construction
The Battle for Narnia (currently being debated on either BFME 1 or 2) Aims to bring the Battles of Narnia to the player. Still in construction
Home of T3A :Online :

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