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Some of you might want to help, so here's how you can.

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You might, just might be thinking of ways to help me make this project. I've already gotten a bit of assistance on certain things, but I can't do everything that I want to do on my own. I've previously mentioned my technical limitations, and that plays in quite a bit with what'll be written here.

How you can help me

There are certain things that people can do to help me, like:

  • Modelling certain, mostly simple objects
  • Giving me Photoshop
  • Giving me some custom music that I can work with
  • Kool skyboxes
  • Level scripts and hotspots
  • Ideas on bits of storyline, lore or gameplay mechanics

Of course, nobody needs to do any of this. It's just a bit of help.

If nobody gives any more then what I already have, then I'm still dead set on finishing this project and I will still be able to put Therium-2 out in a presentable state.

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