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Baby Blues - Toddler Horror Game

The Story

Baby Blues takes place in a house where you play the role of Tommy the 3 year old kid living with his parents, while Tommy never experience anything in his life, this day will come when one day; He wakes up in the middle of the night, he steps off his bed and notice something is missing, his teddies. Tommy goes into the adventure where his only objective is to find his missing teddies and go back to bed, He doesn't care about anything else. While Searching for his teddies, Something strange is happening in the house.

About The Creator

Baby Blues is a free game created by KGames a solo Indie Developer. KGames is a independent game maker only worked on by one developer with no team, me known as Kumi; As a indie developer, I spend most of my time creating games and working on my projects. It was founded as KumiGames (Later changed to KGames) and consider myself a solo indie developer, for the reason that I work only alone on my games, one man team.

Baby Blues new version (v4 to v5)
Baby Blues V5 is still in Development (TBD) which will be a different horror experience including new features such as scares, horror, sounds, effects, shaders, lightning, menu, many bug fixes, new music, new official website and much more.

The screenshots below are from Baby Blues v5 which is still not available and still in development.

Contact me on my official website.

What others think about Baby Blues?

  • "SCARIEST GAME OF 2013"- ZapperDD
  • "SCARIEST GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED!'' - Razorhog444
  • "#1 IN FREE HUNTED HOUSE GAMES" - Freepcgames

You can donate any amount to get a early, faster download for Baby Blues V5 by What you get when donating any amount?

Contact me on my official website.

You can Download Baby Blues v4 for FREE (Baby Blues v4)Baby Blues v5 Early

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