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We've already got a change-log setup so you know what to expect in Wc3:WoW, however, we have never made a thread specifically set on what definitely will not be in Wc3:WoW's version 2.0 release. Read on...

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I've been thinking about what kind of information we can present to you guys in a simple and easy to understand fashion. Sure enough, my brainstorm led to addressing what you should and should not expect in the upcoming version of Wc3:WoW, version 2.0. We've had a change-log up for quite a bit, but it's often being changed, removing some stuff we initially had planned and making up for whatever we remove by adding something good, such as a bug fix or new feature. Unfortunately a change-log isn't enough to suffice to hundreds of questions we receive. After all, a change-log simple says what you CAN expect, but does not necessarily say what you CANNOT expect. That is why I've created this thread.

The What NOT To Expect thread simply lists all - or at least most - of the features that will not be included in version 2.0. If you want to see what WILL be in version 2.0 (although we tend to sometimes replace somes stuff we thought we were gonna be able to add) then I suggest you take a gander at our 2.0 Change-Log thread.

e finally got someone good and dedicated on the team to work on the Wc3:WoW website! General Ray, one of our JASS Experts and now our new Overall Site Manager, has generously offered to work on our site. His task is to mainly replace the template/layout, remove the Quick Contact page, and rework our Gallery page. The site's changes are public and noticable. Right now most of the pages use default content from the template, but I'm working on removing all that... the site should be complete and worth visiting again by the end of this week. Maybe earlier if things go well.

PS: I released two in-game screenshots at Valley of Trials and am working on getting an in-game Orgrimmar shot. I still need to move all the triggers from the old Orgrimmar to the new one, so bare with me while I prepare the next batch of in-game screenshots. Unfortunately, I cannot showcase the new WoW interface content which Eleandor is working on.
Stay tuned!...

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