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Today im gonna explain what i'll do in the next weeks. I'll do my best to post regular state of the game. Feel free to leave comments about what you want, feel for hopeless earth :)

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In the next weeks

- Add more maps

Hopeless earth will be an open world and for now my first goal is to add a bunch of map.
For me its inportant that the player feel lost and discover often really new maps with
different feel and atmosphere.

Players will travel and will discover city, land of desolation, but hidden place too,
like underground bunker and a lot more !
All buildings will be unlocked and its inportant that's the players thinks "the more
deadly = the more rewards"

-Survival system

Second priority is to add fun and interresting survival system.
Find a good 'need rate' is not an easy task but im looking to bring you the best
realistic but not boring system.

-Need to eat


-Sleep system

-Radioactivity and poison


As soon i'll can show you all of this i'll post you an update (video, screenshot) ,
and feel free to leave a coment if you want to see something in the game, if
you have an idea, all you want!!:)

I ll hope you'll enjoy watching growing this game!


I took the decision to port the game in my own engine, this mean hopeless earth will become
a mmorpg. I keep the features planned ( most of them are now ready to use ), but more come
later, like the faction system ( far better suited for a mmorpg !) and a lot of more.

Stay tuned, PixelApo.

Have an idea? want to talk? all update, info here:
and don't forget to like us, we need you!

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