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sorry choppers are static models right now,

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collision meshes don't work on vehicles,

The Team:

Lor Dric

The_Walking_Dead2 scenes

builder of the gods Help with some coding

sorry no version is save game compatible

player can only use guns and melee weapons in battle

if you are playing freelancer make sure you have 8 blank spots in your inventory to prevent equipment loss

h key pick up resources, m key crouch, v key toggles scope, must push 1, 2, or 3 first for the next 2 keys listed, j key sends troops to cover, u key makes troops leave cover

Don't try to fast fire the single shot weapons, that uses ammo but you don't get a shot, aim and shoot these types of weapons, if you want fast fire use automatics

Trading resources for ammo

us, confederacy .556 rounds
aryan, bennet clan 12Ga. rounds
church, woodbury .308 rounds
hagar, miners .42 magnum rounds
cult, marauders 9mm rounds

Can't be played using directx 7 must use directx 9

load textures on demand must be on(checked)

don't send brother,sister,son,or daughter on npc quests

youtube channel

Computer specs reccomended dual core processor, 4 gigs ram 1 gig vid card, might not work with lesser systems

If anyone's having a blue overlay over everything, turn off depth effects. Turn on HDR mode. Change antialiasing mode, this is easily fixed

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