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N10N, the creative director on "Bleeper" explains why the game is more than it appears to be.

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Hi everyone, I'm the creative director on "Bleeper" and I thought I would talk about why our game is special.

First of all I want to talk about our one-button feature. Thats right, the game is played using a single button to progress throughout the game. The button of choice (unless you got a big red button of your own, like we do) is spacebar. You tap the button to move in the menu or restart the mission briefings and you hold it pressed to select a option or to censor during gameplay. The reasons for this mechanic, besides that its kinda quirky and I wanted to keep it REALLY simple, are two:

We are planning (and hoping) to release the game on mobile platforms in the future and this mechanic turns the touchscreen into one big button, no need for D-pad GUI:s or similar bothersome functions that only takes up screensurface. Tap (or hold) your screen wherever you feel like without having to keep your finger on a small area of the screen.

The second, and probably most important reason, is that while "Bleeper" is a game for people who like satire and puzzles its also designed to be completly playable by people with vision impairment or blindness. The single button controller in combination with the extensive voice acting will ensure that this is possible. Our goal is that people who can see without problems wont get an upper hand through the visual feedback on the screen. Nothing that is visible on the screen will give any clues to make the gameplay easier. "Bleeper" will, in theory, be playable with your screen turned off.

I just wanted to share this with everyone out there who follows the development of the game and I know this is a short explanation of some of our core mechanics but I feel like its too important to go unnoticed.

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