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This project was originally going to be a small horror game. Now I decided to take the necessary time and effort to make this a fully developed horror game! Also, I'm waiting for an update for CryENGINE 3.5.3 which will fix the bugs. Meanwhile, I'm working on the story, characters, and levels.

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Hi, first of all let me appologize for not giving any news in a lot of time. Here's why. When I first began this project I was planning to make it a small, short, experimental horror game. But seeing the potential this idea has and the power of the CryENGINE 3 FreeSDK, I decided to take the time and make it a fully developed indie game. I'm rewriting the story, redesigning the characters and levels, and adding some cool new features. Also, the update of CryENGINE to the 3.5.3 version showed some really interesting and awesome features that I want to include in the game. However it is still quite buggy which means I can't really make use of it right now to develop. I'm waiting for another update to come out which will fix the bugs, and meanwhile I'll be working hard to make a better story, better character and level design, etc. Once again sorry for all the delay, but I really want to make this a good game. I'm a big fan of horror games myself so I don't want to mess up my first creation! I'll be uploading screenshots of some of the sketches and designs I'm making soon!

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I hope you know what you're getting into with this.
Getting an Indie licence for the CryEngine is not easy.

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DavidA6 Author

As I mentioned in the news, I will use only the FreeSDK. I don't need a license for that. My game will be free, and for non-commercial development a license is not required. What I meant when saying "fully developed", was that I will make a longer game with more features than planned before :)

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