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Very first post and a brief explanation of my vision.

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My Goal is to achieve fast paced multiplayer combat in an 3D and full physics enabled environment. I allways wanted to create my own MMORPG, but im a realist. This project is a multiplayer online game and will unlikely become "massive". You might know the japanese movie Shinobi: Heart under Blade, this is what you can imagine this game to be when finished, although it will have more focus on "magical" abilities as you know them from current MMOs.

There is no story, it's about hardcore PvP/Team combat with maximum speed. The Ninja-Like players will use special abilities to eliminate their foes: Swords, hidden bombs, shuriken, and a big arsenal of "magical" abilities like fireballs. There will be basic leveling to receive skill points and unlock new abilities and improve them further.

I am aiming for Free2Play and possible premium content like experience boost to cover the hosting cost and hopefully purchase a copy of unity pro at some point.

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