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Background info about the game:

Back in 2014 some of my friends drew some demons and monsters. We wanted to make a game around the designs, so I took the time to learn how to use unity and decided to make this head on. I'm only 15 so the game is very very incomplete in its current state due to just me making it with one friend testing the game and another one who sends me some game concepts.

Image 2 Image 1

Image 4 Image 3

Game with a 3d screen overlay. Game version (0.08)

The game:

The game plays as your average fps game. The art style is inspired by old ps1/ps2 games. I wouldn't consider it a horror game but a little bit more as a adventure game.

Current Status (0.12) :

  • One working gun (rifle)
  • 3 demons in the game
  • map status (1/3 completed)
  • menu basically completed
  • no music... yet
  • no window mode support
  • Monster AI is basic but has verifying speed and health
  • 2 playable character will be added with a character select screen



You need to get back home quickly, so you take a short cut through FlagWood Park but the fog already engulfs you. You aren't able to see the small rock wall and end up crashing into it. Now in the fog you grab your rifle and continue to find a car that works or the train. FlagWood Park is a cursed place known for being the resting place for many tortured souls. The town's power only attacks the one who is guilty for a past crime and will make sure they pay for it. So as you go in a strange fog rolls in and makes sure escape won't be easy as you hear the cries of the damned!

Want to know more?

just contact me on my email/steam if you have any questions about the game or if you want to help by sending any concept art of a monster or area i'll be more than happy to check it out!

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