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A quick explanation on the plans for the mod and how much has been achieved.

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What is Star Trek Armada 3?

It is a mod for sins of a solar empire rebellion that transforms the game into a star trek game.

The goal of this mod is to create a Star trek enviroment similar to the game star trek armada 2 featuring much of the same ships and factions.

What factions will there be?

At launch only 2 factions will be available:

- United Federation of Planets
- Klingon empire

But as the mod progresses we wil add factions as they are completed.
A faction you will definently see is the Romulans, with other factions like the cardassians and the dominion right below them on the list.

What ships are in the mod?

A full list of ships included in the mod will be released shortly but right now I can say that almost all ships from Armada 2 will be returning, in allot more detailed models ofcourse and that there will also be allot of new additions to the playing field.

How acurate (canon) will the mod be?

Acuracy is a funny thing in Star trek, it tends to change after a few episode, as a ship took 10 phaser blast in one it might be destroyed by a single on in the next season. That is why I have chosen to try to remain canon ASLONG as it doesnt interfear with gameplay and fun.
I want this mod to be fun to play and not be weirdly balanced that it may be acurate but unplayable.

- Max Loef

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