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You are not familiar with the mod lost path? Then this article is for you!

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Let's understand what a Lost Path?

Visit the mod's page : Lost Path

The basic idea of mod is a realistic Zone with constantly warring factions for supremacy and exclusivity. What awaits our players who have downloaded this mod?

Extended war groups and monitoring of the current situation of the war.

A separate tab in the PDA to display the strength of relationship groups, the number of captured bases, territories, resources available. Any player can follow the development of a particular group, and also contribute by donating to any Mentor of his clan. After donating group will receive additional resources, and the player will receive a message on your PDA.

The player is given the opportunity to contribute and in the course of the war with his group. To do this, simply to win back territory from the enemy forces, and to await the arrival of his squads. As soon as the place will be captured, the group can obtain additional resources from that territory, depending on its type (base, point resources, territory, etc.).

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The extended entry into clans

The area is a dangerous place, where nobody trusts you, if no one knows you. In the area of the required reputation and plays a big role, who you are, what connections they have. That's why you start as a regular Stalker and further your stay in the clan depends on you. There is a small list of clans that you can join.

  • Bandits (marauders) is very easy to get. Enough to have a bad reputation and you are kicked out from the neutrals and the bandits will be happy to accept a bastard as you.
  • The monolith can join by zombies psi radiation. It does not matter where you are on the radar or is this the controller you have recruited.
  • If you suddenly fall under psionic storm, don't despair! Perhaps the role of a zombified Stalker is for you.

If you are recruited into a monolith or zombified stalkers and want to free your mind from this, it is possible to return to the stalkers. A combination of location + location + terms of weather phenomena can make the miracle and you will return to the normal life of a normal Stalker.

Extension of the gameplay will introduce new colors into the game process

There is no doubt that every Stalker would like the gameplay was anything like reality. So I was obliged to give players the opportunity. Use backpacks to increase of weight, the battery of the exoskeleton, batteries for electronics and more are waiting for you in the exclusion Zone.

Game optimization and upgrade of the engine modules

A lot of work on optimization as the modification of the engine, and resources of the game. One of the influencing factors are completely rewritten the modification scripts to reduce the amount of consumed memory in the game. The same module is updated LuaJIT allows you to use less RAM and run faster the scripts. All this for the benefit of users.

The possibility of modifying outfits & weapons

Expansion of the system of upgrades of weapons and armor. For many upgrades, not enough money, the player will require resources: materials for an upgrade, containers for artifacts, various power supplies, scopes, artifacts, plates, and so on. Additionally made available the opportunity to install a prototype of the exoskeleton on a regular costumes (not all) by activating the servo in the inventory. When removing the servo a special set of tools he finds himself back in the backpack. If the player will be the battery for the exoskeleton, then this modification will give +15 kg to document weight.

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Redesigned loot the corpses

The corpses of the stalkers can be used to detect PDA in three types : charged, discharged, frustrated. If PDA is low, then it can be charged with AAA batteries. If broken, just throw away this stuff. With a charged handheld you can remove the information about caches, money, and the transitions to other locations.

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Changed protection indicators

The display characteristics of the suit now coming in numbers to let the user see exactly which characteristics of his costume. Also head protection is not taken into account in the calculation of the security of the player (there were cases when from-for a heavy hat gave the impression that the player is protected, but in fact he is without any protection). Revised system of damage and damage. The game became more interesting!

These and many other changes are waiting for you in the game. Don't forget to visit the tab with additional Addons. You are waiting for: "dynamic relations between groups", "graphic pack from Legend Returns", "very active war between the factions" and more... Also in the future will support x64 engine for even more performance and enjoyment of the game.

Lost Path

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