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A short overview of VEmpire, what it is and what its USPs!

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What is it?

VEmpire is a digital card game, a so called DeckBuilding-Game. A DeckBuilding-Game, in opposite to a TCG, is a card game in which each player is building its’ deck during the game. This means that each player has equal access to all cards in the game. So there are no rarities, no opening packs, no misbalancing – just pure unadulterated strategic decision making. VEmpire is not a TCG, so no Free to Play, no Pay to Win. Accessibility and fun but also a deep and compelling gameplay within a great atmosphere have been our goals from the very beginning. With several unique features we have been designing an outstanding game experience that is fresh and also atmospheric interesting. Some of our main game-mechanical “improvements” compared to other deck-building games:

  • It is the goal of the game to build a strong “Empire” of cards on the game board not in the decks.
  • You decide with which “Class” you want to play. Depending on this you have, beside the public “Market-Place”, also a private deck to acquire cards from.
  • You build and play “Groups”, the most powerful unities in the game, which are designed after its historical examples (e.g. Pairs like ‘Sisi’ & ‘Franz Joseph’) But hey – they just count if they were complete!
  • “Holding” ability for the cards in your hand provides you more strategic flexibility and control
  • Vampire-Cards are also played for acquiring new cards before powering up your Empire – but there is no way back, so decide wisely!
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