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A post to both discuss and explain the goals of Halo Conquest.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, post them here or go to the team's forums.

Now, everything here is subject to change, and most likely will change as the mod progresses further.
So first, here are some common questions and answers:

Q: Are you focusing on Campaign or Multiplayer?
A: Our current plan is to release a Multiplayer Beta, then continue to work on both Multiplayer and Campaign for a final release. Even if you don't have internet connection, you can still play against bots thanks to UT3.

Q: What maps will be included in Multiplayer?
A: There are both original maps and remakes/rethinks of the Halo maps in planning. These include;
Descent, a Covenant-themed remake of Halo:CE's Hang 'em High
An Earth-themed remake of Battle Creek
Hollow, an indoor Forerunner map featuring long hallways and Flood growth
An unnamed map that features a Forerunner forest-themed landscape and grav-lifts

Q: What armors will be included for Multiplayer?
A: Right now, all Halo 3 permutations are usable for multiplayer (INCLUDING Recon). Custom armor permutations may be included as well

Q: What will gameplay be like?
A: If it's possible to do in UT3, we will try and edit gameplay to work much like Halo's gameplay (including higher jumping, slower speed, meleeing, reload and 2-weapon systems) yet have a unique feel, rather than being a Halo clone

Q: What gametypes will be in Halo Conquest?
A: All of the classic Halo gametypes, such as Slayer, CTF, Assault, Oddball, Assault, etc. will be included, as well as the inclusion of Conquest. Conquest somewhat resembles UT3's Warfare mode, but includes new features and gameplay.

Q: What will the campaign be about?
A: Now, that's what we truely don't know. We've considered everything from basing it on one of the books to making our own story either durring or after the events of the Halo story. If you have any personal suggestions for the campaign, either post them here or go to our forums to tell us what you'd like to see.

The Halo Conquest Team


I suggest that you make a campaign from the point of view of a marine or another one of the spartans. Using another spartan would place the story before Halo 1. The MJOULNER armor would be different, so you could have unique gameplay.

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when will this b ready

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