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DSM has undergone some changes, find out what we are bringing to Scotland next month.

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Deep Space Mine


Hello Sausages, Deep Space Mine has undergone a number of changes so that we can bring to you the best possible experience. If you haven't already you can go back and read our first ever article detailing the gameplay we had decided on at the time. The gameplay described in this article is what we will bring to the 2015 ProtoPlay in Scotland next month.




Deep Space Mine is a simultaneous turn based strategy game. This means that all players will take their turn at the same time and when every player has finished their turn the turns all play out at the same time. The best example of this is Frozen Synapse.

At the start of the game a number of planetary systems are randomly generated, each with randomly generated planets of various biomes. Players will farm these planets for minerals and use those minerals to buy drills.


Simultaneous Turn Based Strategy

The game is split up into phases which cycle until there is a winner:

  • The Market - This is where players can buy and sell resources and drills. The prices of resources fluctuate depending on the purchases players made the last time The Market was open like a stock market.
  • Farming - Here players use the drills they buy in the market to extract minerals from planets. Players will decide which planets to mine depending on the minerals they think will be the most valuable the next time the market opens, but also to gain as many points as possible.



The objective of DSM is to be the first to reach 10 points. Points are earned by owning planets with bonus points for side objectives such as owning an entire planetary system. Alternatively a player will lose if they go bankrupt.

Thank You

We've tried to keep this short and concise giving enough of an overview that players understand the game without going into unnecessary depth. Have any questions? Want to know more? Just leave a comment below and we'll get back to you.
As always, follow this game for the latest news.

- Chief Wurst

Deep Space Mine

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