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Crossbow Catastrophe - What is it? The bits and bobs behind DAEWOOD's Crossbow Catastrophe mod for Half Life 2.

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Crossbow Catastrophe is a sniper orientated mod for Half-Life 2, which will set the player in role as Sgt Vercetti, a recent military sniper sent on numerous missions in a war-torn wasteland or a cold, snowy blizzard.

Chapter 2 (After Blizzard) will take the player into a heavily guarded Combine outpost - with one advantage. The player has a crossbow, and a ghillie suit, so the Combine won't see him until he's pretty much right next to them.

I'll probably have some alpha screenshots of the map tomorrow.

What do I need for the game?

Half-Life 2: Episodes preferrably.

Happy sniping!

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