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SNiT:R has been slow on updates lately. Mainly because I have school in the way of my project, and I'm working on something else that I will be paid for. Here's what's going to happen:

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I'm gonna stop development for a while. WAIT DON'T CLICK OFF THE PAGE, IT'S A GOOD REASON! The reason why is because I need to wait to get my payment from a video that I'm making for a coffee shop that will play on a TV (go try CoffeeCup in downtown Indianapolis if you live there!). This way I can buy some extra things like Firefly and MAC export module, maybe eventually CF2.5 DEV Edition (since I only have the standard edition right now, pretty expensive for a 14 yr old lol.). Then I can make my game free roam, and allow it to be played on Mac. But it's going to take me a while to learn Firefly, so don't expect anything as soon as I buy it. (I will announce when I get it so you guys know. I'm putting the game release back to TBD because the early access is being pushed back by at least a month.)

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