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Ascender is a puzzle platformer game, in which player plays the role of a robot named Sky in exploring the civilization of Goa.

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Hi everyone, I am Ruby, the producer of GameChanger team, I am one of the team member who is also responsible in the story and world creation of Ascender. I would like to introduce you with our game, Ascender.

Ascender is a puzzle platformer game, in which player plays the role of a robot named Sky in exploring the civilization of Goa. Goa is unique in every way, because it is buried underground. Its population barely reached 2250 people. Residents live by digging and mining various metals, processing them to become usable tools.

Albeit so, they have limited access to technology and natural resources, especially light and water. To cope with said scarceness, artificial source of light and water was built. This technology, although unfamiliar and nearly lost, is enough to fulfill the local's needs, proven by their steady supply of crops.

Professor Toro Hudo, an occupant of Goa, invented Sky to aid him in building artificial arms and legs for Ocean, an abandoned baby girl whom he once found in Ataran, his former place of residence. He then moved to Goa, which is hidden underneath Ataran itself, along with Ocean and his wife.

Of course, the professor has his own reasons in taking Ocean home. Ocean is like a kid that he wish he had. Her golden hair and azure eyes are completely foreign qualities that he has never seen before. Among all, his biggest surprise is that Ocean is limbless!

It was his late wife, Marr, who gave him the idea to build a robot which main function is to help him in overcoming Ocean's disability. Hence, Sky was invented. Its mission is to assist the professor to build artificial arms and legs for Ocean.

And here is where the fun begins. You will have to explore 8 district of Goa, each with its own distinctive characteristics. There are a lot of things you can do: quest to be accomplished, puzzles to be solved, valuables to be collected and mysteries to be uncovered. Should you succeeded in your journey, not only Ocean will possess an intact body, she could also begin her own tale and journey of ascension.

Please subscribe on before August 2015, so that the prototype will be sent on to your email at the end of the month. In return, we wish that you will give us input for Ascender.

For now, let us wait, try our prototype and give us your comments.

Happy playing folks!


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