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A brief introduction to Amalgamator race.For those who are wonder what is race is all about.

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Hello brothers,Lemon Tree here
I am here to talk about the Amalgamator
The Amalgamator is a fictional race that is non canon,made mostly by me in the span of 3 year (on and off development).The race is mix and mash between units from 9 vanilla race

There is two branching,Infantry and Commander.
There are 4 Commander squad

guard squad command squad resultmekboy icon result warboss icon resultmega armor nob result,

and 9 Infantry squad

apothecary icon result 1guard squad commissar resultnecron wraith icon resulthg tau broadside battlesuit iconbad dok icon resultHG incubus icon resulthg squad assassin resultchaos marine icon khorne berzerkupgrade exarch warp spider resul

On the Commander path,you will have research that increase the power of the Commander,this range from health increase/regeneration to better weapon and even unlocking powerful ability.

On the Infantry path,you will have research for 9 infantry squad.There research are unique and specific to that only squad,and will improve certain aspect of that squad

Regardless of what path,you can still recruit Infantry and Commander Squad alike,so mix and mash freely

On the vehicle aspect,the Amalgamator have 4 squaddreadnought hellfire icon resultnecron tomb spyder icon resulttau krootox icon resultmeta squad penitent engine resul,each serve a unique purpose,they can be extremely useful in the hand of a clever player.

There are some other aspect such as builder and relic unit,but i'll keep it a secret so you can discover it for yourself.

Also in discuss of relevance,this mod will appear in the next Unification version,as the integration is already complete.The Unification team has been incredibly helpful during my modding journey.Brother Kek had give my model some unique animation/fx that otherwise would be impossible with AE.Countless brother also had answered my question in regard with AE.The only thing that i dare take credit for this mod is the core idea,the oddity and the grunt work.

I hope you had fun with my mod,as i had creating and playtesting this.Other reception has been positive so far, but if you had any question or suggestion,feel free to contact me

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