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On this article I write about what we are currently working on as of 1/2/2015.

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Well, it's been long since you last heard of us. As always, I was having problems organizing myself with time because of school and other hobbies (gaming mostly) and wasn't much interested in keeping the project alive.

However, I am indeed working on it as I found it would be nice to give it another shot at it, and I found out it is nice, and also it's fun.

I love coding, I have no freaking Idea what I am doing with it, but it's the experimenting, and looking for a solution to a problem that keeps me on it. Currently I am working on Scorpion's main power, the Spear.

Every model is a placeholder, the viewmodel is the glock, the world model it's an rpg, and the player model (the one you see other people holding) it's the 357 magnum. Also when you fire it, you will see a nice and green can flying at a somehow slow speed.

Living Forest W.I.PLiving Forest W.I.P

The spear doesn't bring people to make the fight more close and personal, but it stuns the enemy for around 5 seconds. (I decided it to be 5 seconds because I don't know how much time it will take for people to come to you af you have spear'd them).

Aaaaaanyway, I've implemented sounds to it. Whenever you kill a player (Him being below X health points will trigger the insta kill) you will hear "Scorpion wins", but it has a chance to sound either like MK1 announcer, UMK3 announcer, MK4 announcer, MKDA announcer and MKD announcer. (Sorry mk2 fans, couldn't find that one).
I also added the sound when you fire the freeze blast from Sub Zero.

The maps are going fine, I just need props and Vicyouz is working on it.

If you want to help with the mod, send me a PM, I will be more than happy to read from you.

Keep reading guys, more things are coming.

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