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In short, I'm delaying the WAD's next release because I've began spriting.

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Hey everyone!

I've got some news regarding the WAD: the map11 is finally being worked on and map04 is being reworked. I will not note anything about it for now though, because for one I don't do spoilers and for two I'm going to talk about something else.

A few days ago I've began making spirtes for Doom. I have access to some Doom 4 models in SFM (Source Filmmaker - the program I use to make my sprites, animations, posters and such) so I've decided "Hey, I don't see much Doom 4 sprites around, maybe I can put something new to the table." First thing I've did was Doom 2016 Pinky sprites - since no one did them. I've posted the sprites in a Doom FB group and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, thus encouraging me to release it to the ZDoom and Doomworld forums.

I've made my own topic in ZDoom forums. Here's the link to it if you're interested. I hope you understand the reason for my inactivity for the WAD here now. I cannot gurantee that the WAD is going to be updated anytime soon, but I can gurantee that it will not get cancelled.

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