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Well, the problem with the deleted files has been fixed. It isn´t as good as it was before, but at least everything was fixed. Plus some new updates

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If anyone wants to start modding their own Bad Day LA I have posted a tutorial on the american mcgee site (
Well, so this is what happened this week.
1. Redid all my previous work.
2. started messign around even more with cutscenes. I actually changing the cutscenes a little bit, such as different characters, and sometimes different animations.
3. Started editing more textures
4. Beverly texture is already done.
What still needs to be done:
1. Disaster warning´s writer still needs to bring me the script.
2. Make my own cutscenes for the beginning, and everything else.
3. Ask my friends if they could do voice acting
4. Finish this game.
5. List A Green Clock (the developing group) in moddb developers section
Hopefully I can finish this mod next month. I mean sure, this mod has the same levels as the original, and not much differences apart from story and texture. So I can´t take too long in its production.

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