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What will happen next with Crystallized Doom, all infos here.

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Hi all!

I hope you are all enjoying the newest build!

Now just a short sitrep of what will happen next with the mod.

I did already a little work for 1.9.41 but at the moments it's far from release. I would like to do a small break (would like to have some time to play a few games too) before I carry on modding TS. So don't expect anything major the next days (weeks?) but feel free to use this time to play the mod as I am very grateful for every feedback or idea provided.

About bugs or balance - I will, if necessary release smaller updates with bugfixes and balancefixes. To report any issues please use this forum so I can keep them all tracking.

I will make sure you guys can enjoy the public version as long as I am working on the newer builds from the roadline 41-51. So it's some kind of two versions I am maintaining (1.9.40 + updates / 1.9.41+)

That's it for now, have a nice day ;)

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