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This is the next line of events in my storyline after the events of Scandinavia.

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2022-The new Holy Islamic Caliphate invades Israel, Turkey and India all at the same time
2022-In Asia, the People's Republic of China and North Korea forms
2023-A civil war in Bulgaria sees the other Balkan States form a peacekeeping alliance, the UBU
2023-The United Nations reforms after nearly 20 years
2023-The Hispanic-Latin countries of South America, the Carribean and Europe combine
2024-The UN goes intervines in Israel, Turkey and India
2024-The UBU, the FSR and the HLC ally and attack the EU and the UN
2025-The Second Great War begins...

This is the final modification in the seris. This mod will add 8 factions (The alliances), YOU WILL NOT PLAY AS THE INDIVIDUAL NATIONS!



Sounds interesting.

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Last hint sounds sad....... i hope that the old story line comes back

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