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So basically I will now explain why I did not release the mod at the date it was supposed to.

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I know I haven't updated anything for like five months, and I've been keeping you guys waiting for some news, perhaps.

When I was supposed to release the mod (early summer), the mod was still under heavy construction and it needed alot more work. At this part I lost all my enthusiasm to build the mod further. I didn't get the same satisfaction that I did get before when it came to building Amnesia mods. So I decided to take a break. And yes, it was supposed to be a short break, but then something very unexpected happened.

My pc broke.

And because my parents are kinda poor and I'm still studying, we couldn't afford a new pc. So this should explain the very long break.

I feel like I'm starting to get more interested in building the mod in the very near future. Although, I will build this mod ready and make it good, but I doubt that I will have motivation to start a new project after that, but who knows.

So I'm sorry for keeping you all waiting for the mod (if anyone is still interested), I will release it when I feel like it. If you have tried to build a CS yourself, you know you have to be interested in building it. If not, it feels like a lifetime job that you never wanted to do. It needs to be fun. So I will start building the mod when I get my enthusiasm back.

I found this really important to share this with you.

The mod is not dead.

Thanks for reading and I hope this message made sense


Well, I am still very much interested in this mod. I will wait as patiently as possible for the release. And I completely understand about the pc problem.

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I hope you get your enthusiasm back.
I do not stop tracking this mod.
If you need more time, you can rename the mod "Ninth of November", or December :-)
A huge hug!


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Of course. Take your time and don't worry, we are here.

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