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What's happening to the project? Is it closed? Will the demo never be released?

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Actually (it may seems strange) but the project is slowly proceeding.

Why is it so slow then?

Actually it is my fault. This year I'll have the school exams, and I also have a lot of other projects going on. I'm spending these last months on Gameplay, trying to make it as smooth and pleasant as possible.

I'm also focusing a lot on the Plot, because the "book" that tells the story of our guys is nearly finished. Yeah, I'm writing a book out of it. I'm sorry that most of you guys couldn't read it (because it's in italian), but reading the weird translations made by Google Translator might also be kind of funny!

Any new feature?

Yes, actually. You can see from the last video that you can use vehicles, but... I'm not going to spoiler you anything. Also now the HDev is finished, the Abilities System is also finished, it has an awesome intro, and I implemented all those little features (like take-able weapons, life items, ammo items and scripted-scene scripts) that will help me to develop the campaign.

So it's almost done! What are you waiting for to release the demo?

It may seem weird, but I still need the most important things: the characters and the weapons.
To prove you that we're doing something, I can show you the not-rigged models of Fushiko and Lucy.
Unfortunately I can't rig those models, because the only instrument I have for that is Blender, that... let's not talk about it.
I may find someone helping us soon, but I'm not sure at all.

That's... all we need, then we'll make a draft of our Multiplayer and show it to you. It will absolutely not be the full game, but I hope you can still enjoy it, and maybe have an idea of how will the gameplay be.


glad y'all are back :D

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