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The mod dosen't have versions but types im telling about the mods im going to make.

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Some people might think that this will have different versions but it won't. These are the mods I was thinking of making:

1.Clash of Godzilla: This mod adds a galactic conquest that when Godzilla's son gets destroyed by the military then he gets all the alien,earth defenders, and Mutants against the human and the GDF. This kinda like a free style destruction mod.

2.Godzilla Final Wars mod: Thighs mods about my favorite Godzilla movie if you don't know about it. Its about when they defeat Godzilla by freezing him in ice and then the aliens release all the monsters and the humans have to get Godzilla unfrozen and destroy the alien.

3.Wrath of Godzilla: This will be the sequel to Clash Of Godzilla its more destructive and crazy this is a galactic conquest were the aliens capture all the earth defenders and bring them to their side and make more robot monsters. And this might be the end of earth.

Hope your interested for the first 3 mods I'm making.

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