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Let me sum up here what Freedom 2, and in some cases Freedom is... As well as explain some updates, and key differences between the 2 Freedom games!

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Freedom 2 is a sequel being developed by Matthew Corp, and in no way does it slightly even look like any other MC game except it's own predecessor, Freedom. It is being run with an engine entitled Engine001, and hence may appear at times to resemble past MC games. In no way, shape or form, unless it is a sequel are any MC games the same (And even then they aren't). They each have there own main set of characters, maps, and stories. And in most cases weapons. Thug 2 even had completely different tiles, and trees, and in case no one has noticed yet, Thug games have a distinct Yellow glow to them, due to some modding of the lighting systems. Freedom 2, is a sequel that is being made from Freedom. It is being built upon what has already been made in Freedom, and has new, maps, a story, new goals, a new outfit for the main character, and a new health system. Updates- Working on a mod of Freedom, and the story for Freedom 2 is done, will begin working on the goals after the Freedom mod is done. Updated outfit, is now black and red, and the HUD and overall style of Freedom 2 has been overhauled as well, giving it a fresh new look, and feel! Goal based gameplay will return and will be the center point of the game, after you finish with the story!

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