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A new Clubey experience for old Clubey fans, dressed up in fake musical clothes.

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Surprise, fellow nitwits! I found myself with some quiet time on my hands and so decided to pull off this surprise release. It's all mapsets this time and porting those is always fairly simple, quick and clean fun, so why not? For the record, I still think the next post will still be at least a couple weeks from now, but for now, let's seize the day, eh? All right.

I've written a couple of exercises
(Chopin, 1829)

An etude, originally, was a piece of music mostly associated with the piano, intended as didactic help in practicing certain musical techniques and skills. Thus, considering how Clubey often mentions "brushing up his skills" in readmes to his self-released mapsets, it's fitting that he would release an entire set of mods named Etude. But etudes are not just mere exercises, they have a significant value of their own, as Chopin has clearly shown us (or so they tell me, never heard of the guy myself). As such, Clubey's etudes are worth porting so you can find and experience their intrinsic values yourself. There's four of them and we will examine each in turn, briefly.

Etude 1 - 9 Levels for the 1st Encounter. It's a very early mapset, basically a test release to see what mapping with WolfEdit 1.1 was like. Clubey says used other people's maps for the purpose of experimenting, which seems likely since certain levels don't seem congruent with others, style-wise. I don't know who made what originally, but if the MacenWolf project is ever completed, I might just find out then...


etude1 2

etude1 1

Etude 1

Etude 2 - 6 Levels for the 1st Encounter. This one was also a test, this time to see how WolfMaker works, so what we have here is basically a set of six procedurally generated maps, later edited (or "modertaed") to suit Clubey's needs. Everything checks out with the exception of map 5, which really does not look like WolfMaker output. It does have the obligatory brown brick background in the editor, but everything else is inconsistent.


etude2 1

etude2 2

Etude 2

Etude 3 - 12 Levels for the 1st Encounter. The readme says 13, but it's simply wrong. Clubey developed this one in order to brush up his editing skills (told ya this would come up). Somewhat similarly to Etude 1, he borrowed certain maps from other people, but some others he made himself from scratch. I donnow, with the possible exception of maps 3 and 4 they all seems rather similar and familiar anyway - small, cramped, filled (if not overflowing) with enemies, objects and pickups, you know, the works. You be the judge.


etude3 1

etude3 2

Etude 3

Etude 4 - 10 Levels for the 1st Encounter. The fun of making levels, brushing up editing skills etc. Clubey again says he used an entire scenario as the basis for this release, but doesn't remember what or whose scenario it was. This is an interesting claim, as we don't really know just how far did Clubey's edits go, and what we have here is three maps (8 to 10) that markedly differ from the remainder, especially the tenth one with its expansiveness and complexity. Perhaps those three final maps were the untouched ones while everything else suffered some nightmarish excising and reattachment surgeries. We'll never know.


etude4 1

etude4 2

Etude 4

And we're done! I certainly hope that any fans of classical music are happy with this small Clubey interlude (ha ha I used another musical term, get it). We will likely move away to unrelated topics next time, but if you enjoy bashing your fists against the piano while pretending you're passionate, emotional and know how to play a musical instrument, this is the perfect bite-sized snack for you. All right, out and about with me.

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