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The Cartel Overhaul Mod unlocks all weapons (including pre-order exclusives), increases the FOV to 100, improves every weapon's viewmodel positions, changes stats for characters and weapons, and many other tweaks to attempt to make the game slightly more enjoyable.

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A somewhat brief summary of all the changes I've made to Call of Juarez: The Cartel that will be included with my upcoming mod:

  • Developer menu unlocked in pause screen, adds useful hotkeys in-game like toggling the HUD.
  • Set FOV to 68 vertical (100 horizontal), now you can see more of your body!
  • Painstakingly went through every weapon and improved their viewmodel positions, no more clipping!
  • Improved movement acceleration/deceleration and speed.
  • Drastically improved hip fire accuracy for all weapons, shotguns' spread was hilariously bad before.
  • Lowered the amount of zoom on all ironsights, it was nauseating.
  • Removed motion blur.
  • Removed chromatic aberration (except from the HUD).
  • Lowered universal mouse sensitivity so menus are usable.
  • Increased jump height from 85 to 120, not enough to break any levels, but enough to actually jump on objects. Nice side effect is that this opened up some extra paths in some areas.
  • Unlocked all weapons from the start, including the ones that were pre-order exclusives.
  • Fists are available for the secondary weapon slot if you're insane.
  • All weapons now have accurate magazine sizes.
  • No depth of field on weapons when aiming. Sadly I couldn't find a way to disable world depth of field.
  • Tons of weapon tweaks to hopefully make them more enjoyable to shoot. FAL is now full-auto, P99 no longer has a scope overlay, etc. Fixed bugs like the AK-47 having ridiculous drift if you fire it slowly.

There will be in-depth notes on nearly every single change I've made when I release the mod within the next week or two, depending on if I get sidetracked and discover more things I'd like to modify.

I've uploaded some gif comparisons if you're interested in what the viewmodel positions look like compared to the original game, both at 100 FOV.

Unfortunately I'm unable to mess with the game's audio, models, or textures, which is a bummer because I'd love to fix some of the horrible gun audio and the TMP's ugly weapon camo, but no one ever found a way to extract the ".rpack" files that Techland used for this game and Dead Island.


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