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The action takes place in a labyrinth of streets of a huge city. They feel deceptively calm while being deadly dangerous. You know almost nothing about the world and even less about yourself. You can become a part of Darknot, resist it, or find your own way. What will you do to survive? How far will you go to save yourself?

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Hi everyone!

Starting from this post, we’re launching our DevDiary! We will share with you our dev progress, articles about DarKnot and keep you in the loop.

We’ve received questions and comments about using quest items like weapons. We’re glad you’ve noticed it! It is a gameplay feature: we are creating a realistic world and devote great attention to the player’s confidence while interacting with different items. Let us give you all the details.

In DarKnot you are able to keep craft supplies, lore and quest items, weapons and consumables. It is really a lot! But we found out the solution of how to narratively organize this useful stuff.

Medicine, food, key-cards, notes and recipes are collected in the diary. The character makes handwritten accounts of them. Indeed, the diary becomes a form of direct interaction between the player and the protagonist. The character reports to the player what he has, and the player uses the items at their discretion.

You can see the previous version of inventory and status bars on the screenshot. After receiving playtesters’ feedback we returned to more evident and user-friendly linear bars.

The character used to hold in his hands larger stuff such as weapons, quest items and other goods. We’ve set up some mechanics with big-sized realistic items.

First, you are able to use two hands to carry the objects. You can hold a weapon in your right hand and a supporting item in your left hand. For example, you have a gun and a flashlight. That is extremely convenient, isn’t it? But if you need to pick up a third item, you need to refuse one of the previous ones. What do you choose: the flashlight or the gun? That’s up to you.

Second, items in hands are able to be used in different ways. You can reload, discharge or throw away your revolver. The radio in your left hand may be switched on as a radio or doubled as a flashlight: thus, you can combine several functions.

Third, you are allowed to use your stuff like you do in real life, and not how game designers intended to. If you have a kettlebell in your hand, you can break a hole in a locker door. But you can’t break a huge armored lock, you should find another way to open it.

Of course, we have some secrets in the game lore, and sometimes you could escape by using ritual practices of deranged game dwellers. But it is the topic of the next topic of dev diary.

So stay tuned!
With love and fire, DarKnot team.

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