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I will share some of our goals regarding this project

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HELL-O!!! how u doing?
so what are we going to do in this project?
we want to make dota 2 in the old engine on warcraft III, why?
we think dota 1 has opensource system in everything,
u can modifying their tiny particles until their bigest hero model as tiny.
besides this it can also train our game development skills. because some of us want to make their own game.

how do we go about developing it?
we want to make the base file mod first as the default,
it will look like you are playing dota 2 without any skin.
then we will issue a variety of skins that you can download and choose at will in the form of addons.
so if you are bored by a model you can simply download the new one.
because this project is one of our exercises in honing our skills,
not all assets that we will create are from dota 2,
we will also make our own custom model too, which is no less cool.

btw, we are also looking for some people who can test our mod,
so if you are interested please contact us via moddb,
and if you are selected we will give you a special role in our discord,
so you can access some of our test files and give your feedback also.

so what do you think? are you guys interested? or very interested?
we also have several slots like VIP, Donor, Subscriber, etc.
so you get extra access to our files.
and we  also had many roles that you can get in our discord.
so don't forget to join our discord.

as I said above all of that is like our hope for this project,
no matters how the future will be like, we will do what is important today.
I hope you guys also do the best today for the future, see you soon.
if you have any questions just ask in the comments column below or you can contact us directly


Itu game kah

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Coqoku Author

no game no life

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bagus lambang volkswagen.

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